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been in state statistical dead heat with challenger mitt romney who conceded the race was the morning. >> in the weeks ahead i look for to sitting down ago and romney. >> in the event it was his true blue supporters the present thank and praise. >> michelle i have never loved you more apparent to the best campaign team and volunteers in the history of politics. >> to the voters as promised, and better presidency. (cheers & applause) we will continue our journey for and remind the world just why it is that we live in the greatest nation on earth. >> at this very hour still no official results from the battleground state of florida. despite that cnn is projecting the president actually picked up more than the 270 collect oral votes needed as far as the president goes. he will return to washington later today. >> reporting live from chicago i'm renee marsh back to you. >> mitt romney took to the stage late last night to concede that rise. he spoke briefly in a speech very different from the 1 hours earlier. more on the former massachusetts governor last words. >> in the early hours of el
stated that he will work with romney. >> in his victory speech he took a bipartisan tone and stated that america voted for action and not politics. in >> mid romney took the stage before 10:00 p.m. our time. he spoke brief than about one that he planned to give. >> mitt romney stated that he only had one speech prepared and that it was a victory won. he did not run this pass his family or his adviser said. >> he gave a last of five minute speech where he congratulated president obama on his win. >> mitt romney stated that he had called president obama and he knew the race was over. >> the nation chose another later and so my wife and by and join with you to pray for him and this great nation. >> i believe america and i am running for president. >> you guys are fabulous. thank you so much. >> the nation is at a critical point and a time like this we cannot risk partisan victory. >> we may have battled fiercely but is only because we love this country deeply. we care so strongly about the future. >> i believe in the people of america. i ran for office because i am concerned. this elec
is monday nor 5th. >> mitt romney is facing his final run in the battle ground areas. i >> he calls his plan for i call before warned. in the swing states president obama has the advantage. >> we are taking back america. >> many analysts stated that romney cannot win without the buckeye state. >> everybody knows that he was against saving the auto industry. last week a super storm sandy took a toll on romney. >> obama care and energy is a good day for obama. romney has one more day to convince people to hire him as commander-in-chief. if it is a swing state today voters may seek mitt romney or paul ryan slide through. >> paul ryan starts his day in iowa and then he will go to ohio. >> reporting live in boston i am in the lee smith. >> we are waiting for mitt romney to appear at this campaign rally in orlando, florida. this is the first lawsuit that has been filed in florida as they ended early voting yesterday. some of the polling places opened up on sunday and there were four hour wait times. the republican legislator cut back to eight days so we are seeing the first ballots already filed.
. >> romney told supporters in sanford florida that it is time for new leadership. president obama was possible to his promise to bring it to dennis of problems. he has not. i will. >> on his running mate paul ryan echoed that tottering on the bottom. >> we do not have to settle for this. we can do better than this. this may be the best that barack about an offer, but this is not the best american have. >> vice president joe biden told the crowd and starling agenda obamas the best choice. >> president to a lesson about character. it is the most important ingredient president must possess to lead the world. president obama has the character of his convictions. >> voters in this bill not to the venture castles. the time open to expose the night since 1960. the first time in history the boat was tied. obama and ronnie at five votes each. in parts location new hampshire president obama beat out on the 23 to nine. i am dead aim reporting. >> closer to home the future of education funding in california would put to voters today. two propositions on the state ballot and to give more money
will be heading to the polls. >> tonight mitt romney will hold his election night rally on the stage behind me. he is going back out on the campaign trail hoping to rally and convince undecided voters. >> a high energy rally in new hampshire top off the campaign trail. >> your primary goal put me on the path to when your primary bolt. tomorrow your vote and your work in new hampshire will help me become the next president of the united states. >> he hit crucial states from florida, virginia and ohio. he states that he is a businessman that he knows what it takes. >> from day one i will go to get americans back to work. >> the campaign continues on election day and romney has to more meet and greet stops. a state that many state it is the key to the white house. >> pennsylvania is one and michigan is one. his running mate paul is end--he stated that they will keep working to keep energy go on to the polls close. >> mitt romney has been stating that his campaign appearances that he wants people to get out and vote. he cast his voted to about 10 mi. of away from where i am right now. he is open to re
. as a national news. mitt romney is stepping back into the spotlight three weeks after losing to president obama in the election. the former political rivals are having lunch today at the white house. jim costa has details. >> his departure on election night was quick and painful. just like that mitt romney was gone from the public stage. at his victory speech president obama had other ideas. >> in the weeks ahead i have ideas of sitting down governor romney to talk about how we could work together. >> i do think he did it all terrific job running the olympics. we accomplished that together so thank you. >> net after romney plays a visit to his former running mate some much-needed bipartisanship may be served. the gop nominee and the presidents sit down behind closed doors at the white house. press secretary says romney ideas for comincutting government waste at the president's cup tie. >> romney's image could use an overhaul. one week after the election he told the owners on a conference call the president's campaign was following a zero playbook. giving a lot of stuff to groups specifically th
2012. it is 4:24. just four days until the election and president obama and challenger mitt romney our company and seven the swing states. trying to make up for lost time. wrapping up their attacks. >> on the closing days of this campaign the governor romney has been using all of his talents as a salesman to dress up the same policies that have filled our country so badly. these same policies that we have been cleaning up and -- failed our country. >> there is no question that we cannot have another four years like the last four years. i know that they are chanting for more years, four more years but our chant is five more days, five more days. president obama got and amazing endorsement from a nearby bloomberg. how and independent michael bloomberg. bloomberg pronouncement in and ope ed piece using this week's extreme weather to highlight the president's stance on climate change. mayor blumberg says president obama developed a strong environmental record during his first term in office adding he was disappointed in one recall the numerous policies reversals by mitt romney including on
for decision 22 of the race for the white house. nearing the finish line a challenger mitt romney making final appeal today to voters for the head to the polls tomorrow. andrew spencer has the lakers were the race to the white house. >> barack obama a mitt romney comic the rows of their final day on the campaign trail. going to key battleground states making their pitch to vote voters. >> president obama will stop in ohio before election night. army will be in virginia and new hampshire. running mates will make rounds as well. joe biden has stops plant in sterling in richmond va.. paul ryan will visit nevada colorado and ohio. president obama urged the crowd to stick with him for four more years. >> you have a choice to make. it is not just a choice between to partisan and it is, it is a choice between two different visions for america. on the one hand, you can choose to return to the top out policies that crashed our economy. or, you could join me in building a future that focuses on a strong and growing middle-class. >> at a rally in cleveland sunday romney said it is time for change. put as
coming from the altamonte or tracy heading toward pleasanton. >> thank you romney. police and the family of a small- business owner and oakland are searching for the man killer of the victim 50 year old wilbur baartley. he was attacked when closing hisself a store. that is the 108th homicide this year. police are offering a $15,000 reward for informations leading to an arrest. >> the california highway patrol has a new assignment help control the streets of oakland at the crime continue to grow. last night about a dozen chp officers reported to the oakland police substation. their assistance is needed. the oakland police department is understaffed. the chp will work out of their own cars in designated areas throughout the city. >> keep in mind these areas are designated by the command staff of the oakland police department personnel as they evaluate crime statistics within the city of oakland. >> the chp officers will be responding to a variety of calls from burglary, domestic battery. a timetable has not been set for how long this collaboration will last. >> we have new details on how m
. people canno >> president obama and mitt romney will be sharing a meal at the white house this afternoon. this'll be the first meeting between the two since their last debate. president obama promised in his victory speech earlier this month that they would meet. it was a very bitter campaign. it they will meet in a private dining room in the white house. mitt romney is also expected to meet with former running republicans complained that the white house has yet to provide specifics on how president obama would curb the rapid growth on programs like medicare and medicaid. the president is insisting that taxes go up on families with incomes of $250,000 or more. >> police and released the names of two teenage girls were shot and killed during a violent weekend in oakland. 16 year-old barbie start chain and 15 year-old rock killed herself were shot to death around 6:00 sunday morning in east oakland. they had both been hit multiple times by gunfire. police have not determined a motive for the killings and they don't know why the girls were on the open street alone so early that morning. oak
in to the weekend we will have more on your forecast. 0ñ@Ñ the time is for 30 9:00 a.m.. mitt romney says the president won the election by to minorities and young voters. the candidates made the comment while on the phone with donors. free contraceptives were offered to woo young women will dispirit and frites' amnesty for hispanic voters. >> i have to reject that notion that description. i think that is absolutely wrong. i do not think that represents where we are is a party and where we are going of the party. most of the middle takeaways in this election. >> in order for the gop to become competitive it has to " go after 100% of the votes no 53% we need to go after every single vote he says. the criticism seemed to take a swipe at romney 47%, but earlier this year. >> confidence has waned in the nine states since the election four years ago. most americans are still optimistic about the next four years. according to a gallup poll in which it found 69 percent of americans received the u.s. as a country greatly divided when it comes the most important values. perhaps because of his perc
never built. >> christie is a supporter of mitt romney but gave president obama a thumbs up for his efforts to help new jersey residents. >> i cannot think the president enough for his personal concern and compassion for our state for the people of our state. >> mitt romney campaign in south florida but the storm victims were a part of his message. >> become with full are excited about the prospects ahead. we also have heavy hearts given the number of people who are in a time of great difficulty given the hurricane that struck the middle atlantic states of our country. our thoughts and prayers go to them. >> vice-president joe biden kept up his attacks on running and running mate paul ryan during a stop in central florida. rain stopped campaigning in time to go home and record tree with his family. >> found is crunch time for the candid. obama reaches out to voters in las vegas boulder colorado and green bay wisconsin. >> from this will focus on virginia with stops in richmond, roanoke, and virginia beach. a reminder kron 4 will have extended live coverage on election night coming t
. >> mitt romney met with president obama from lunch at the white house yesterday we were anticipating it yesterday morning. >> the pair eight at a private dining room it was actually the first time both have met each other since the election wrap up an early november. the present first mentioned meeting with the former governor in his victory speech in chicago o'hare this month. the president said he looked forward to talking with romney about ways to move the country forward. prison obama also praised out romney manage the olympics in salt lake city in 2002. >> will take a quick break back mwith more in a minute. we are watching the wet weather that is our top story of the right light to moderate and at times heavy with the wind out of the bay area's. we will come back with your forecast just a moment. we are back here at 4:30 in the western center talking to erica about what we see on storm tracker 4. weather center. >> the rate is starting to pick up in intensity for the north and east bay. --rain and is starting to pick up. it is growing more widespread. we have a lot sitting offs
, and even mitt romney's details. of his motorcade. >> this one not quite so bad with a clear shot right now on the flat section but it could get fog the as we get to the high rise to. a full check of weather, traffic coming up. >> welcome back. temperatures in new york city are dipping into the freezing mark at night, a real concern for those storm victims who are still without power. they are relying on tents, portable heaters and blankets to keep warm. volunteers are serving hot food and giving out supplies to storm victims. tamale apart and was flooded. over here, it -- my apartment-was flooded. one of those volunteers had his apartment flood in "so over here, it is warmer i'm outside, like you "there is no way to escape isn't." as of this weekend, officials said york and new jersey. >> take a look atoll foggy it is going to be this morning. >> and i thought that we lost footage but that is actually our roof cam. and with good reason it is certainly foggy. i have k n seen fog like that as bad as this as lon been a long time. >> we will see the fog along the waterfront. and even a si
to cover 100% instead of the standard 70 percent of the efforts to restore the state. >> mitt romney is saying that president obama won the election by offering yes" gifts"to minorities to get people to vote for him. local crab season begins today. crab's cost two to $3 a pound for the dungeon as crabs of a catch. >> why health officials are sending out a warning about those popular 5 our energy drinks. they may be doing more harm than good. we will talk about that. here is a live look from lake tahoe. there is snow in the background and it looks like they may be getting more of it this weekend. there is a system had in our way. we'll breakdown the forecast for you and a bit. 0ñ@Ñ >> researchers looking for treatments may have a fresh target for treating alzheimer's. less than one up percent of people actually have this gene but if you have it it triples your chances of developing alzheimer's. it also affects elderly with and they're thinking that do not have dementia as well. >> testifying from a house committee yesterday fda commissioner told lawmakers that the problems found in
contain informational undercover operations. another contained informational mitt romney's motorcade for his visit to hofstra university. macy's said that the confetti from was not derris and that they used a different type of confetti adding that many people make their own for the event that parade watchers tossed out building windows for the event. >> will take a break it is 6:53 a.m.. let's go back outside because the fog is our big story. the roof cam shows you where the usual the but you did not see it. the visibility is really bad in the north bay. do not forget that dr. phil has a new episode at o'clock a.m.. he will talk about alternate free. squatters moved into their home and it will not lead. will they be able to get rid of them? thank you for watching kron 4 news i am market endures some of the top stories that we are watching. there have been more fatal accidents and fewer d.u.i. i arrests that lacher. the chp is really saying numbers and there stating that 31 single crashes and 10 more leisure. in five of the collision six of the victims were from the bay area. to what
challenger mitt romney delivered a gracious concession speech. calling for the country to come together. >> at a time like this cannot resist partisan bickering and political posturing. our leaders after reach across the aisle to the people's work. we citizens also have to rise to the occasion. >> a data romney stopped advisers still maintain they thought the republican win. he lost his home state, his birth state, and too many battleground states. president obama, dominate what electorial votes mattered most. he emerged with a victory narrow then in 2008. what has been of the status quo election republicans are holding on to control the house of representatives and democrats and only a few seats to their majority in dissented. >> there is a mandate for a to find a way to work together on the solutions and the challenges that we all face as a nation. >> it remains to be seen whether a election night 2012 launched a new era of bipartisanship in washington. >> with the first time the majority of pottery and citizens have voted in favor of becoming a state. --quarter ricans citizens. the p
. >> meanwhile mitt romney lost thousands of facebook france since he lost the election. after the results came in the washington post notice the drop on friday. the presidential candidate lost about a thousand flights per hour. as of monday afternoon he still had more than 12 mean facebook fans and $1.7 million on twitter. >> the library in pleasant hill will be recognized by the white house today. in libraries and museums across the country are being honored at the white house for contributions that may to their community. they will receive the 2012 national medal for museum and library service. >> mormon the kron 4 morning news. first a live look outside on this wednesday morning from the golden gate bridge. the fog. almost no cars. a couple of cars. this mot will be a gorgeous day as the gradual loss of continues for one more day. changes come through that could impact your weekend. eric hatcher forecast when we come back. stick around. --erica has your forecast the clips cast its 95 mi. chattel on the northern territory. >> the next solar eclipses will not happen until 2015. >> turning our
retired nasa and a captain are kelly were there. >> 2012 was a total shut out for mitt romney. he managed to finish in gq stop 25 least influential people of the year. the magazine writers not so blighted described his campaign as uninspiring. also recognized first lady michelle obama for her let's move campaign an attempt to get americans to eat healthier that gq said was hopeless. other making the cut. jerry sandusky lawyer joe amebe ndola who made it at #10 and lance armstrong at no. 13. >> we will be back shortly to show you the weather and give you an update on the rain. walker back for 30 8:00 a.m.. we are watching the weather to get unions that spirit we will go to kron 4 jackie sissel who is live in san raphael with more. how's it looking jackie? >> so far so good. it is dry. i have the right call for on the camera and i have the rain slickers so far no right to speak of. south bound 101 at san pedro headlights are coming southbound on 101 and everything is dry so far. >> also we are expecting high winds later today we will have more on that as well. erica has our forecast we are
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